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Nov 10, 2012 5:00am PST
for president obama. in the wake of the last florida voting debacle we had resolved to make things better. in 2002 congress passed the help america vote act which allocated almost $4 billion to states to help them make sweeping reforms to the voting process, yet reports from tuesday night don't inspire much confidence that things have been fixed. in fact, there's a good case to make that republicans have gone about breaking it on purpose. according to the aflcia voters say 16% of obama voters waited versus 9% of romney voters. this is a system in which election officials are simply overwhelmed. there's too many stories of lack of informed workers and polling machines. if we're supposed to measure the fitness of our democracy system by the way the voting went, then we are grossly out of shape. current senior pastor of the first baptist church of lincoln garden in somerset, new jersey. nina perez. she's at nyu school of law. ben gellis is president of the naacp. bertha lewis. great to have you all here. >> great to be here. >> i interviewed you, i was doing a story about election administra
Nov 4, 2012 5:00am PST
the president leading by six points in ohio and two in florida. the polls in these key states relatively stable over the last few weeks. it seems there's little persuading left to do. both sides agree on what is going to decide the campaign. that's turnout. they touted his party's get out to vote. >> we are far ahead of where we were in 2008. we are going to be -- you know, our ground game is better than their ground game. we are going to do more voter contacts this year than all of 2008 and all of 2004 combined. we have an army on the ground. >> democrats for their part have invested in a robust, cutting edge program in swing states. joe biden said at a meeting on thursday is what's going to put president obama over the top. >> hey, you know, you know why we're going to win? because of you all. no, i'm serious. i generally mean it. you know, the thing is -- the difference in this election, once again is the ground game. because of you and iowa, ohio, wisconsin, colorado, north carolina, we have the best ground game because of you all. seriously, of any presidential campaign in history. it's go
Nov 24, 2012 5:00am PST
to get away with that. they have low medicaid rolls. states like florida, they're going to take the money. what's going to happen, the hospital interest will demand they take the money. >> now we're talking about the interest again. >> going to stuff their mouths with gold. hospitals will go bankrupt. i know in miami. >> it's a lifeline. >> hospitals on the brink of bankruptcy now. if they don't take the money, and hospitals are now corporations, they're huge bundled -- >> you work at a hospital -- >> and we actually just last month got a medicaid waiver, which will allow us to start in 2013 enrolling people and, you know, so -- >> ahead of schedule? >> ahead of schedule. what people don't understand, medicaid, you can't just be poor, you have to be poor and blind or poor and pregnant, or poor and disabled. this allows you to enroll people just on the basis of income. and for us, it is a lifeline. you know, 56% of the people in our hospitals are uninsured. 80% of our outpatients are uninsured. and the idea we can begin to get paid for these people is going to be about our survival. the wa
Nov 11, 2012 5:00am PST
'll appear at the miami book fare in miami, florida to talk about my book. tuesday, at 7:00 p.m., m.i.t. in cam bridge where i'll talk about my book. for more information on these events, go to our website, we want to update you on the congressional candidates we had on the show. hakeem jeffries was elected to congress. we have the first hindu member of the house. tammy bald win became the first openly gay woman to serve in the u.s. senate. shelly berkeley lost her bid to a republican. democrat nate lost his challenge to tom reid. rob lost his challenge to paul ryan in wisconsin. congresswoman shelly was elected to a third term in may. a democrat is narrowly leading her race in arizona where ballots are still being counted. >>> some of them are punishing their employees for president obama's victory. robert murray, the ceo for murray energy who ordered employees to miss a day of work without pay to attend a romney rally announced he will lay off 160 workers. he said he was going into survival mode as a result of obama's reelection. papa johns will cut employee's hours
Nov 3, 2012 5:00am PDT
, and it shows president obama with a narrow lead in florida where the race stands at 49% to 47% among likely voters. we'll be talking more about ohio and the republican freak-out over polling analysis later in the program. right now joining me at the table we have michael moynihan cultural editor for "newsweek" and the daily beast ale li beei stevenson, columnist for "bloomberg view" associate professor at the ford school university of michigan and former chief economist at the obama labor department, and mom to the 3-week-old oliver, congratulations, that's really awesome. all right, it has been five days since sandy came ashore on the east coast as a post-tropical cyclone, the exact location of landfall didn't much matter because it was a 1,000-mile wide storm. at least 109 people are said to have died in the u.s. and another 60 were killed in the caribbean. as of this morning 2.9 million customers remain without power across 15 states and the washington, d.c. the economic losses are nearing $50 billion. flooding of new york subways and commuter train tunnels and loss of business accounts
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)